Cool Possibilities

Do you perform significant annotations to .pdf documents? What if your notes looked just like your handwriting?!

Unlike "regular" font development, creating handwriting fonts and handwriting typography that look like you penned them yourself is fast and not real expensive. It's a very cool way to add a personal touch to your work. Find out more now.


I prepare custom fonts and custom typography for both PC and Mac platforms: Open Type (.otf), Post Script (.ps),True Type (.ttf), .afm, .pfm and pfb formats.

While I'm listed with Microsoft as a font foundry, you won't find my work online. To date, my work has been used as security fonts and custom corporate typefaces for use within corporate or legal environments.

What's a security font? Typically it's a font with custom imagery or very unique styling that is used on official documentation and correspondence. This way, it becomes much more difficult to forge paperwork and correspondence.

What's a custom typeface? Custom typefaces include all upper and lower case letter forms, numerical, alternate characters like accents and variations of the primary typeface to include bold, italic, extended and condensed versions if required.

What's a picture font? Just as the name implies, it's a font where imagery is assigned to keyboard characters. This provides a very unique way to apply custom seals and ornamentation to documents.

Corporate Typefaces

If you are in situation where a complete custom typeface with a full set of characters is needed, you've come to the right spot. However, be advised that creating complete "families" of typefaces is not fast or cheap. If you don't need Bold, Italic and alternative characters, development can go much more quickly. If you'd like to further explore this possibility, please email me here.