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"What makes you an expert, Mr. Smarty Pants?"

A reasonable question.

I hadn't planned on making tutorials but was contacted by the good folks at Virtual Training Corporation (VTC). They had become familiar with my work, liked it and thought I might be a good fit to share a little knowledge.

I'm a guest speaker at various art institutes and colleges, have taught Masters Classes at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and been a software demonstrator at SIGGRAPH.

I'm also a print and web writer for 3D World, 3D Artist, Micro Filmmaker and Renderosity magazines.

Pick Your Tutorial

Get up to speed fast with these plainspoken, no nonsense tutorials that help you learn your program quickly instead of only about the buttons in the programs.

Like most pro shops, I use whatever software gets the job done the fastest and the best. (although I don't have tutorials for all of them!) I'm not an evangelist for any particular software because they all have pros and cons worth noting. My interest is in getting the job done and moving on. So, my tutorials are built with that attitude.

The tutorials I'm requested to do have broad appeal to both professional and hobbiests alike, both for their versatility, capability and, usually a fairly reasonable price.

But, in case you wanted to know, here are some other software titles I use in the studio regularly:

3D - Software for the tutorials I have here plus Blender, C4D r11.5 and r12, Groboto, Hexagon, Modo 401, Poser Pro, Vue 8.5 xStream.

Video - Apple Final Cut Pro workflow plus Syntheyes and a host of plugins.

Drawing Painting - The Adobe Suites plus Corel Painter XI.

Anime Studio Pro 5.6

Visit Soundtrack Pro Tutorials

You can visit the tutorial page here. Anime Studio Pro 5.6 is a flat out load of fun to work with. This tutorial series including free Anime Studio tutorials, covers the basics from drawing to lip syncing and voice overs, head turns and exporting to Flash/swf files. Learn about motion dyanmics, Influencing bones with secondary bone rigs with actions, tweener animation and much more.

Where do I get Anime Studio Pro?

Carrara 7 Pro

Learn Carrara 7 Pro Fast. UV unwrap, modeling, lighting and more.

How do I get DAZ3D Carrara or Carrara Pro

Carrara Logo

Carrara 6 Pro

You can go to the Carrara 6 tutorial and training page here. Almost 200 new movies covering all of Carrara's exciting new features. Get up speed faster than ever by watching real-world examples and tips from actual jobs.

Quickly learn to create realistic hair, ocean primitives, Carrara physics, character animation, plant customization, target helper objects, rigging/boning characters and much more.

How do I get DAZ3D Carrara or Carrara Pro

Carrara Logo

Carrara Dark Arts Series

Visit the Dark Arts

Looking for a free Carrara Tutorials and training? This is my personal little series of free tips, tricks and advanced free tutorials specifically for Carrara users. However, these are pro level tutorials and assume that you also have some of the software common to professional shops. Learn incredible ways to get more bang out of Carrara. There might even be some free Carrara shaders somewhere in there!

How do I get DAZ3D Carrara or Carrara Pro


Cinema 4D

I've created a separate tutorial site for this outstanding CG software. You can go to it here.


Poser 7

Visit Poser 7 Tutorials

You can visit the Poser 7 tutorial page here. The original character posing software, this powerful program comes with incredible built-in features like the Talk Designer, Walk Designer, Cloth Room, Custom Face morphing, hair growing, and character rigging capabilities.

Where do I get Poser?

Poser 7

Vue 8.5 xStream

This tutorial series is off-site on a separate web site I established specifically for Vue. You can get to it here.


Soundtrack Pro

Visit Soundtrack Pro Tutorials

Visit the Soundtrack tutorial page here. This is one of the easiest, pro-level sound editing applications ever made. Learn how to quickly remove background noise, add spatial ambience, perform multi-take recording, create special sound effects an much more.