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There are two ways:
The beginning of each free movie has a link where you can sign up for either the online subscription, or buy the DVD set
2) You can go to VTC here.

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Learn Anime Studio Pro 5.6 and Anime 6 Fast

The first three tutorial sections are FREE so listen to them and see if my teaching style suits you. Or, if you haven't seen Anime Studio Pro before, it's worth a long look.

Anime TutorialsAnime Studio Pro works with both self created 2D, pixel based art, imported 2D and 3D content. It has common sense controls and tools made to accelerate a professional pipeline but friendly enough for animation hobbiests.

In this series you'll learn both basic and advanced features of Anime Studio. Next you'll learn about rigging your characters for animation, automatic dynamics and automatic lip syncing. We continue with camera animation in 2D AND 3D space plus special effects.

I finish the series off by showing camera tricks as I take you through 2 projects showing many production tips not covered in the basic lessons.

South Park, Homestar Runner, animation for television ads? Not so hard anymore.

Tutorial duration is 12 hours.

Anime Studio Pro 5.6


Introduction / Pro vs. Standard / Scope
New in Anime Studio Pro
Keyboard Conventions

Animation Process & What We Ignore

This Series Versus Animation Process


General Layout
Tools Palette
Layer Palette
Camera Palette
Style Palette

Drawing Tools

Drawing or Importing
Getting Started
Organic Shapes pt. 1
Organic Shapes pt. 2
Welding & Simplifying
Compound Shapes
Shape Order / Single Layer
Hiding Edges / Overlaps
Working with Brushes pt. 1
Working with Brushes pt. 2
Styles Working/Saving pt. 1
Styles Working/Saving pt. 2
Masking & Hiding Shapes
3D Building pt. 1
3D Building pt. 2


How Are They Used?
Important Requirements
Automatic Binding
Layer Binding
Constraint Angles pt. 1
Constraint Angles pt. 2
Constraint Control Bones
Bone Locking
Bone Dynamics pt. 1
Bone Dynamics pt. 2


Best Methods
Layers for Objects
Rigging Parts / Parenting
Bone Influences


How Complex?
Switch Layer Essentials
Basic Motion pt. 1
Basic Motion pt. 2
Layer Animation pt. 1
Layer Animation pt. 2
Layer Animation pt. 3
Lip Sync pt. 1
Lip Sync pt. 2
Papagayo Lip Sync pt. 1
Papagayo Lip Sync pt. 2
Graph Editor Curves
Cycling pt. 1
Cycling pt. 2
Actions Non-linear pt. 1
Actions Non-linear pt. 2
Actions Depth Sorting pt. 1
Actions Depth Sorting pt. 2
Actions Head Turn pt. 1
Actions Head Turn pt. 2
Actions Head Turn pt. 3

Special Effects

Using Imported 3D pt. 1
Using Imported 3D pt. 2
Using Imported 3D pt. 3
Particles pt. 1
Particles pt. 2
Advanced Particles pt. 1
Advanced Particles pt. 2
Advanced Particles pt. 3
Advanced Particles pt. 4
Advanced Particles pt. 5
Shadows Created
Shadows Automatic Tricks
Camera Movement pt. 1
Camera Movement pt. 2
Camera Movement pt. 3
Advanced Masking pt. 1
Advanced Masking pt. 2

Animation Rendering

Best Methods
Final File Preparation pt. 1
Final File Preparation pt. 2
Final File Preparation pt. 3

Special Project - Frog

Project Scope
Character Development
Master Characters & Styles
Eye Construction pt. 1
Eye Construction pt. 2
Eye Construction pt. 3
Body Build Shapes pt. 1
Body Build Shapes pt. 2
Body Build Shapes pt. 3
Leg Build & Bone pt. 1
Leg Build & Bone pt. 2
Leg Build & Bone pt. 3
Leg Build & Bone pt. 4
Master Actions pt. 1
Master Actions pt. 2
Master Actions pt. 3
Master Actions pt. 4
Traffic Motion Blur pt. 1
Traffic Motion Blur pt. 2
Vehicle Replication
Scene Build pt. 1
Scene Build pt. 2
Scene Build pt. 3
Scene Build pt. 4
Scene Build pt. 5
Scene Build pt. 6

Special Project - Airline

Airline Travel
Scene Build Details
Styles & Motion
Vibration & Render


Wrap Up
Contact Information


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QuickStart! - Anime Studio Pro 6



New Features for Experienced Users

Morph Targets
Audio & Lip Syncing
Motion Tracking
Scatter Brush
Auto Shading
Content Management

Navigating the Interface

Groups & Windows

Basic Drawing

Drawing & Coloring
Layer Types
Switch & Particle Layers
Layer Attributes pt. 1
Layer Attributes pt. 2
Style Palette


Camera Movement


Project Settings
Timeline Short Cuts
Key Frames & Tweens
Motion Graph
Pixel vs. Vector
Rigging & Bones pt. 1
Rigging & Bones pt. 2
Actions pt. 1
Actions pt. 2

3D Content

Importing & Using

Conclusion & Credits

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